Coping with Disability

Probably everyone reading this will have or know someone with a disabilty of some kind. The list of disabilities is endless.

I myself was born with slight Cerebral Palsy which later in life contributed to me developing Epilepsy. Although my seizures are controlled by medication I sltill suffer the odd Focal or Partial seizure (though i haven’t had any for weeks).

My Cerebral Palsy is giving me more cause for concern at the moment as I keep loosing my balance.

Fortunately because of my positive mind I think I try not to let my disabilities get me down .

For more information check the link below

How to Emotionally Cope With Having Disabilities: 14 Steps (

Weird things can happen when you take a seizure

OK for those of you that don’t know me and my history of Epileptic seizures I am a 60yr old male who has suffered various types of seizures from 11/12yrs of age. Starting with Grand mals through to Complex/Simple partial seizres to dates

Because of the length of time I have had Epilepsy I quickly came to realise that I could do weird things during these seizures. Family or friends would say to me you did this, that or the next. The laughable thing was it was usually something daft or silly.

Anyhow last night was different from any other night as I usually spend a little time on the tablet before going to sleep.

Last night I took a Complex or focal seizure as it is now called my mobile & my glasses were on the bed before I took it, I remember climbing into bed ( this is where the weird bit comes in). It was at that point I never went on the tablet, instead I lay down and went to sleep.

My senses woke me around midnight (getting the feeling something wasn’t right), I turned onto my back to find my wife sitting up in bed in the dark, well that was me awake.

Eventually after being on the Tablet till about 2am I fell asleep again but oddly enough after all that I woke at 7.45am fresh as a daisy as they say