Coping with Disability

Probably everyone reading this will have or know someone with a disabilty of some kind. The list of disabilities is endless.

I myself was born with slight Cerebral Palsy which later in life contributed to me developing Epilepsy. Although my seizures are controlled by medication I sltill suffer the odd Focal or Partial seizure (though i haven’t had any for weeks).

My Cerebral Palsy is giving me more cause for concern at the moment as I keep loosing my balance.

Fortunately because of my positive mind I think I try not to let my disabilities get me down .

For more information check the link below

How to Emotionally Cope With Having Disabilities: 14 Steps (

Epilepsy – Embarrassing side effects

At least up until last October that’s what I called it

What is this side effect as I call it and please drop a note in the comments if anyone with epilepsy or othr type of seizures suffer from it? Well every so often mainly after a Focal seizure and after the occasional absence seizure I would have to run to nearest toilet because It triggered of not diohrea but a ” loose bowel movement”

When I suffered from it, it could happen at the most inconvenient times, such as when out in public.

It had me at a point where if I entered a public building the first thing I would look for was the toilet just incase I had one of these seizures

Having said that we in the UK have been under lockdown restrictions since late last year. I because of the guidelines have not been able to do any of the things I did before Covid – 19 therefore I haven’t been under any stress that I would normally wouldbe under if Covid – 19 did not happen.

Personally I am hoping and praying that the dreaded and incovenient side effect does not come back.