Seizure Free – A Hope or a Promise?

A Hope!

Epilepsy Talk

Is it a reality…a hope…or a promise?

Have you been there once for a visit? And then come back, to the land of falling down, shaking, quaking and blackouts.

We all know, the only thing that remains the same is change.

Everything is in a state of flux. Drugs, science, our bodies, our brains.

From that you can choose hopelessness. Or hope.

Maybe you’ve found the right drug cocktail, diet, VNS, and/or surgery.

Or are you still looking?

Do you see “possibility” turning into “probability?”

Wherever you are, it takes a load of courage. And perseverance. And optimism.

Waking every morning to the big “S” question. And then taking charge of your day. Or not.

I know someone who went through hell and back.

Fifty-three years of seizures.

Every drug that came down the way. Combos changed, doses played with.

He refused a VNS because the company was harassing and…

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Relationships, and Recovery from Trauma

Don't Lose Hope

1. World wide studies of disaster response have confirmed that social support provides the greatest protection against being severely impacted by a trauma.

2. Social support doesn’t simply mean having people around you – even highly responsive and compassionate people.

To feel supported, we need to feel we have truly been seen, heard and understood by somebody who genuinely cares.

We also need to feel completely safe with that person. This is absolutely crucial for healing to occur.

3. Feeling safe is not a cognitive decision. It’s not something we can convince ourselves of, or can talk ourselves into believing. We don’t feel safe because we’re told someone is safe.

Instead, safety is something we experience intuitively, and at a gut level.

We need to feel – deep down inside – that we matter to this person, and the fact that we are suffering truly matters to them, too.

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Must Haves For This Fall…. — My Life Reflections

It’s fall! A fun time of the year, and it has cooled off. No more scorching weather for me. My house smells so delicious right now! I bought Airwick Pumpkin Spice. It definitely smells like fall in here! I also bought a pumpkin spice candles as well: And some wax melts I tried […]

Must Haves For This Fall…. — My Life Reflections

Toot! Toot! — Praying for Eyebrowz

I haven’t tooted my own horn here in a while, but when I checked Amazon today I realized I had more than 150 reviews—most of them of the five and four star variety. http://Mayhem at the Happy Valley Motor Inn and Resort Now if I only had a horn! Peace, people!

Toot! Toot! — Praying for Eyebrowz

Guest post – Humbled and Healed

I have got permission from a fellow blogger who suffered from this condition. Though I’m happy to say has been in recovery for some time.

A powerful story of recovery from severe anorexia, and the central role faith played in reclaiming a life of freedom, healed from her eating disorder. A moving testimony that we are never too broken, or too “far gone” for Jesus! A “must watch” for anyone, not just those in recovery from an eating disorder!

However I feel I must warn you the video last’s over 50 mins

4 Methods To Reduce the Physical Signs of Tension —

Survivors Blog Here Mental Health Collaborative

While stress is most definitely the biggest buzzword in the route to health and wellness, we can overlook tension in a physical sense. Physical signs of tension can lead to more stress, which is why we’ve got to learn how to reduce these physical signs. So what are the best ways to reduce any physical […]

4 Methods To Reduce the Physical Signs of Tension —

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Epilepsy update

Hi Folks today I’m here to give you an update on my seizures.

First of all let me say this is the first seizure of any kind in one week short of two months.

From my point of view given that my last seizure was on twenty eight of July when I had the petite mal seizure at 11.30am approximately, it came unexpectedly.

At first everything seemed ok after the seizure, until about 10 minutes later I got a what I call (embarrassing side effect) in the form of a bowel movement. Embarrassing in the sense that if you are in a public place and don’t know where the toilets are.

I usually have an idea what triggers my seizures, mostly it’s stress related, but this time I haven’t a clue what triggered it.

My seizures have been known to be more frequent, in fact I noticed during the first lockdown from Covid – 19 I was less stressed and if I remember right no seizures and that is still the case today.

So I reckon what was causing the increase in seizures was something I had to stop doing during Covid -19.

‘All in’, Recover and Done? My Truth


It is the second birthday of this website.

When I look back now to where I was when I started this website: back living with my parents and going through a few very intense recovery months, my life today is very different and better in so many ways.

However, when I look back and think about the me who set up this website two years ago and the vision I had for myself two years further down my recovery road at that point, am I now where I had imagined or hoped?

This post is my raw and honest answer to that question.

Here I will lay myself bare about just where I am now in terms of my recovery and what is next for me.

‘All In’, Recover and Done?

So many eating disorder recovery accounts today, depict this image of people going ‘all in’ in recovery, eating for…

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