How To Get Your Doctor’s Full Attention —

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You hear stories every day about doctors not listening to the patient. I’ve had two situations like this and both ended differently. The first time, I encountered a frustrating conversation with my Psychiatrist, he had me talk with a Therapist in the office. She had known him for a long time and she gave me[…]

How To Get Your Doctor’s Full Attention —

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A Day in the Life of an Advocate: August & September Podcast Episodes

The Advocacy Life

In the August issue of my podcast. I’m trying to introduce myself to my audience. I relaunched my blog a few months ago but not the podcast. This is an attempt to get to know me and share this with your friends. Help me create disability awareness one conversation at a time. For more information please visit my website. Episodes will occur monthly.

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Power of Voting September 2022 podcast episode

In the September episode of my podcast, I discuss the power of voting for the disability community. For so long our community was forced into silence by voting we ensure our voice is heard on Sep 19, 2022, I attended the New Jersey Rev up voting event. These are my recollections of the day. For more information please visit my website

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The role of mind in neuroscience — A New Vision for Mental Health

After failing to find anatomical or functional correlates of a variety of psychiatric conditions, Dr. Sarah Durston (neuroscientist and Professor of Developmental Disorders of the Brain at the Department of Psychiatry at the University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands) has moved away from metaphysical materialism. This is what she discusses in her presentation during Essentia […]

The role of mind in neuroscience — A New Vision for Mental Health

REBLOG: How to know yourself: 7 essential keys to a happy life – Soul Scroll Journals

Luminous Destiny

Learning how to know yourself is the foundation for building a life as unique as you are. Knowing your dreams and fears, strengths and weaknesses, areasof confidence and insecurity help you create what you want in life, but also help you avoidpotential roadblocks. Without knowing yourself, you’re more likely to
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Tug of War

Luminous Destiny

The tougher this gets,

The less my lungs can breathe..

The less my heart can take,

The harder life throws me around,

The harder it is to smile.

Always landing so far from peace.

Always in tears, weakened with grief,

Unable to find a way out.

Unable to escape the brutality..

Destroying the very fibers of

my being,

The parts of me that once felt life.

The harder I hold on..

The harder it is to hold on…

My soul is struggling so much right now…

And I’m sure you never knew..

But, I am.



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What Is… Thought-Action Fusion — Mental Health @ Home

In this series, I dig a little deeper into the meaning of psychology-related terms. This week’s term is thought-action fusion. Thought-action fusion (TAF) happens when people believe there is an equivalence between thoughts and actions. It was first described by researchers in relation to OCD, although it’s not exclusive to OCD. There are a couple […]

What Is… Thought-Action Fusion — Mental Health @ Home

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition. This means that it causes problems in the brain and gets worse over time. 

About Parkinson’s

People with Parkinson’s don’t have enough of the chemical dopamine in their brain because some of the nerve cells that make it have died.

Around 145,000 people live with Parkinson’s in the UK. And it’s the fastest growing neurological condition in the world.

What is ‘Parkinson’s disease’?

Parkinsonism is a term that covers several conditions, including Parkinson’s and others with similar symptoms. Some, including healthcare professionals and people with the condition, call it Parkinson’s disease, or PD for short.

We call it Parkinson’s. We don’t use the word ‘disease’ because some people with Parkinson’s have told us it sounds negative, or like an infectious illness. But unlike the flu or measles, you can’t catch Parkinson’s from someone.

We don’t yet know exactly why people get Parkinson’s. Researchers think it’s a combination of age, genetic, and environmental factors that cause the dopamine-producing nerve cells to die.

Causes and symptoms

Parkinson’s symptoms

Symptoms start to appear when the brain can’t make enough dopamine to control movement properly.

There are over 40 symptoms of Parkinson’s. But the 3 main symptoms of Parkinson’s are a tremor (shaking), slowness of movement and rigidity (muscle stiffness).

Different Types

Support for you

Having Parkinson’s can feel overwhelming if you don’t have the right information and support. We’re here to help everyone feel in control of life with Parkinson’s.

There are lots of different treatmentstherapies and support available to help manage the condition. Our researchers are working hard to develop new and better treatments – and one day a cure.

Need to talk to someone?

Our helpline and Parkinson’s advisers are here to answer any questions you have about Parkinson’s.

Call us on 0808 800 0303.

More to Say

Seizure Mama and Rose

Just when I thought we were through, more lessons arrive.

We are in an ICU due to a stroke from a hole in Rose’s heart.( Look up PFO.)


Here are the lessons for you parents.

1. Know the phone numbers of your child’s friends. This was critical. We got a strange text from Rose with EMS at the end. We knew something was wrong, but could not get her.
A friend on her floor, whose number I had, alerted me that Rose left her dorm in an ambulance.

2. Your child must share their condition with others. Rose’s suitemate called 911. The local hospital gave her tPA before transport to a bigger hospital. This saved Rose. She is recovering because of quick intervention.

3. Your child needs to keep 24 hours of medications on them if possible. It took the hospital 20 hours to get one…

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