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Feel the Social Media Love

Originally posted on Jaime Stenning – a life uncut:
If you feel down or angry after reading your social media feed, you’re provably following the wrong type of person. Social media needs to work for you, so why not have a cull of your contacts and start following some new people. Here are my guidelines…

Mental Health in a Time of Pandemic

The ongoing Covid-19 outbreak is in many ways unprecedented, in both the scale of this challenge, the scale of public health response, and the historical context in which all this is unfolding. Covid-19 is the first global pandemic of the social media age, the first of the “alternative facts” era, and is occurring at a moment when politics and …

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Things That Go “Hiss” in the Night

Originally posted on Praying for Eyebrowz:
A hiss awakened me from a deep sleep a couple of nights ago, and my first thought was, SNAKE! Apparently our cat, Gracie, had the same thought. Together, we crept through the bedroom and adjacent bathroom, tentatively looking under furniture and around corners. After finding nothing even vaguely snake-like,…