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Review: Weight Loss for Binge Eaters Course — Mental Health @ Home

My blogging friend Ang of Lose Weight with Ang (who’s previously guest posted for MH@H on orthorexia), has developed a new course called Weight Loss for Binge Eaters, and I wanted to share it with you. This description comes from the course page: “Weight Loss for Binge Eaters is designed to help you overcome your […] …

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Types of Learning

Originally posted on Luminous Destiny:
While in college, I experienced a glimpse of nearly every aspect of teaching. By the time I walked across the stage, I had a significantly greater appreciation of the profession. It’s complexity is something I’ve never seen. There’s lengthy background knowledge, several unique academy environments, and even more variety in…

Relapse and Mental Health Advocacy

Originally posted on Cara's Corner:
Being a ‘mental health advocate’ is weird. Sometimes it can feel like I’m not doing it right. When I have been well, I have felt almost fraudulent. How can I talk so frequently and openly about mental illness when it’s not currently having much of an impact on my…