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Coping with Disability

Probably everyone reading this will have or know someone with a disabilty of some kind. The list of disabilities is endless. I myself was born with slight Cerebral Palsy which later in life contributed to me developing Epilepsy. Although my seizures are controlled by medication I sltill suffer the odd Focal or Partial seizure (though …

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Preschool for Two: Then and Now

Originally posted on Seizure Mama and Rose:
I did not realize at the time that this was a turning point for our family in many ways. My role as a mother expanded. My independence diminished. Our hopes for a quick fix for Rose evaporated. This was when we accepted we were running a marathon, not…

Why would a psychiatrist be embarrassed?

Originally posted on Epilepsy Talk:
Pills. Medication. They’re a sign of mental illness. Even if you take them for depression, stability, anxiety. There must be something inherently wrong with you. What does it mean if you do need medication? Are you crazy? Mentally ill? Unstable? Unreliable? And what if you ARE a psychiatrist AND take…