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Catamenial epilepsy — do you have it? — Epilepsy Talk

Do you notice that your seizures worsen just before your period…or during the first few days…or at mid-cycle? You could have “catamenial epilepsy,” or hormone sensitive seizures, a tendency for increased seizures related to your menstrual cycle. Catamenial epilepsy — do you have it? — Epilepsy Talk

Depression, Anxiety & Me

Around the year 2000 I started suffering Depression, Anxiety and what I remember most about it was I had no get up and go about me. (I just couldn’t be bothered). As far as the anxiety was concerned I would get up tight about things to a point where I realised I was holding my…

Seizure prevents me from attending church.

This morning because of an epileptic seizure I have been prevented from attending my local Salvation army here in Lockerbie. I didn’t want to miss out on Sunday worship however so I tuned into Bellshill Salvation Army live stream on YouTube.