A beautiful recovering soul 8/19

The daily addict

There is a recovery meeting that I often attend on zoom. It is 24/7 and I can hop on at anytime with a coffee and listen or share if I need.

There is a man that I keep seeing on this meeting and his name is Kaleem. He may or may not have autism…but his mannerisms might put him in that category.

The label is not as important as is the brightness that he brings to the meeting every time I see him.

When it is his turn to share he will say hello personally to everyone that he can see on his screen. Usually this meeting has over 150 people…and our screens have about 25 people on them at one time.

He will say “Hello Danielle, hi Jessica, hi Tommy, hello to you Wendy….” and so on.

We are only given 5 minutes to speak and share and…

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