Life and Death decisions 6/30 — The daily addict

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A choice or a decision that might seem trivial to the non addict can actually become a life or death situation for the addict in recovery. Especially someone NEW in recovery. I was listening to a gentleman named Kyle share at a meeting the other evening. He stated that he had 20 days clean. He […]

Life and Death decisions 6/30 — The daily addict

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Brain Is That You?

Abominable Bell Blog

Hi everyone

I’ve had quite a couple of weeks. Some of the worst ones in a long time. Self confidence in the bin, self worth in the bin. At one point I wasn’t sure if I’d get up.

The fog has lifted somewhat now, but I think the last couple of weeks have changed me in some way. I don’t know how to explain it but I know for certain that the Steph that started the last fortnight, is not the one that ended it.

I feel almost numb. Like these preceding weeks have caused a shut down of some kind.

Don’t get me wrong, I have shut down mentally many times in the past, but this feels different. Like something has been damaged in myself. But what?

I’m thinking more than usual, and that is a tricky feat, trust me. But I’m thinking logically. The conversations I am having…

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Try Something Else

Luminous Destiny

Out with the boring, in with the fun

🐊, 🦝, 🐙, 🐞, 🦕, 🐍, 🐸, 🦘, 🐭

🐊, 🦝, 🐙, 🐞, 🦕, 🐍, 🐸, 🦘, 🐭

These are so fun! Try using one in conversation. It might spark a memorable brief encounter. Kids remind us that little things can make someone’s day!

🐊, 🦝, 🐙, 🐞, 🦕, 🐍, 🐸, 🦘, 🐭

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè

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The scandal of aspartame…

Epilepsy Talk

You probably already know that aspartame is a no-no. But just in case you weren’t sure why, here are the reasons and the scandal…

For 16 years, the FDA refused to approve aspartame.

The FDA’s own toxicologist told Congress that:“Without a shadow of a doubt, aspartame can cause brain tumors and brain cancer and violated the Delaney Amendment, which forbids putting anything in food that is known to cause cancer.”— FDA Toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross

It was finally accepted (for political reasons that are too scandalous to write about here) and here are the results:

For starters, medical authorities estimate that aspartame has brought more complaints to the FDA than any other additive.

Specifically, over the years, various reports have implicated aspartame in headaches, memory loss, seizures, vision loss, coma, and cancer.

It also appears to worsen or mimic the symptoms of such conditions as fibromyalgia, MS, lupus…

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Research shows LGBT adults battle more mental health problems than non-LGBT adults

Luminous Destiny

Being in this community isn’t a choice. None of us would deliberately pick a life of social unacceptence and intimate rejection. Here’s a recent article published on KAIT8 News

New research shows mental health in LGBT people is worse than in non-LGBT people
— Read on

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and if i could write for, one last time

. . .

and if i could write for,
one last time
i’d write, so as to tell
that girl
that oh, i stumbled upon
around here
as to how much really
did i want to
paint myself
in her exquisite eyes

and if i could write for,
one last time
i’d write about
giving the biggest hug
to that girl
who oh, just so heartbreakingly wrote
about her crying
herself to sleep
on a night,
all that she needed
was to be held

and if i could write for,
one last time
i’d write,
so as to tell
that girl
who oh was shamed
for having big breasts
as to how
she was perfect
just the way she is

and if i could write for,
one last time
i’d write,
so as to tell
that girl
who oh believed herself
to be useless
that oh she isn’t
that oh she…

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