First Steps

Big Sky Buckeye

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Experiencing lifetime of first steps

Beginning with toddler’s curious try

Tumbling down to earth from frequent missteps

Inquiring mind looking skyward to fly


Growing up quickly, ready for life’s prep

Entering grade school doors, stepping right in

Navigating each year, planting more steps

Looking always forward, career begins


Living life, one year follows another

Challenging new steps arriving each day

Recalling advice from caring mother

Stepping out, traveling each new highway


Remembering this life’s countless missteps

Smiling at grandchildren’s beginning steps


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How can I Tell if I can Trust Him Again?

Don't Lose Hope

This is one of the most difficult questions – for if he did it before, then he could do it again. Which is why you’re afraid – as there are no guarantees.

So how can you assess if the change is genuine – and he really is committed to being different now?

1. Let’s start by stating the obvious. There has to be a sense of genuine remorse, and a genuine desire to put things right. What is your gut really telling you here? It is often hard to know, or to trust yourself.

Do you think he’s genuine? What makes you think he’s truly changed? Be concrete and specific. Try to list the different things.

2. Your partner should communicate he owes you a huge debt. In fact, he owes you a huge debt that can never be repaid. And the focus of his life (at least, at…

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Softening of the heart.

Pondering through the brambles.

When my father died, I inherited his seed collection, each packed of seeds carefully labelled in his hand. As the seeds were sown the packets that held my father’s words slowly disappeared.  In some vague attempt to hold him longer, I will push the empty seed packets into the soil containing the seeds.  Watching his penned last words run and disappear into a soggy paper mâché mess.I have sown all my inherited seeds; I  no longer trace my father’s handwritten words left on brown envelopes,  no longer hold the seeds he never sowed in the palm of my hand.

It’s been 20 years since I planted the seeds my dad left behind and today, I continue to prune and nurture the legacy held within the many brown envelopes that were labelled in my father’s hand.
However, if my dad could visit my garden today, I think he would be possibly…

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A menu of epilepsy auras… 

Epilepsy Talk

One of the good thing about auras, is that if you’re aware of them, they’re effective (if unpleasant) warning signals of an oncoming seizure.

I didn’t learn to identify mine (mouth filling up with saliva and disgusting metallic taste) until I was well into my 20’s.

Then I added dark spots to my repertoire and I was having all three when I met my husband!

The good news is that once I recognized them, I would instinctively know to hit the floor (before the floor hit me) or find a safe place to weather out the storm.

The fact is: There are probably as many or more types of auras as there are types of epilepsy…

In short, an aura is a simple partial seizure, often followed by a larger event.

The feelings of the aura are often vague and many patients are unable to describe their features.

Auras can…

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