INFINITE LOOPS… a poem of thought

Kevin Parish

Twisting through the infinite loops

Inside my brain

I find there are no boundaries

If there are indeed no boundaries

Then perhaps that explains a lot

It explains why, sometimes, I cannot find what I’m searching for

Why my creativity is lackluster

Why I cannot write

Or paint

Or whatever

On the plus side of this quandary

Infinite loops will, by definition,

Come back around

At least, I hope so

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Gilligan at the Lab: Then and Now

Seizure Mama and Rose

It is time to perfect your parent “poker face.” Your child will face many unfamiliar tests and procedures. They will watch you to gauge their response. If you are cool, they will be cool. If you grimace or flinch they will notice. If you show fear in any way through body language, they will not hear your words.

Children learn body language before words. They still rely on it heavily, especially when they do not understand the words. Terms used by medical folks mean nothing to them. If electrodes are referred to as a “pretty wire ponytail” they will not seem like something sharp or dangerous.

Patience is required for young patients. NEVER force or rush a procedure. If you do, there will be more issues down the line. Fear will never be your friend…or theirs. Prepare them as thoroughly as possible BEFORE the appointment.

The book All Eyes…

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Becoming a Wounded Healer

Don't Lose Hope

“Wounded healers aren’t born or made. They create themselves by transforming their pain into power, and adversity into strength. They understand the value of facing the shadows and transmuting them into light. They help lost wounded souls find help. They help them find healing. They help them find hope.” – Unknown

All of us carry wounds and scars. But these wounds and scars don’t have to define us.

We can still choose the direction of our life. We can choose what we’ll do with these life experiences.

And when we’ve faced the shadows and walked towards the pain, and done the hard work … the intense, life-changing work … we can help other people who are on this journey, too.

We can be an inspiration – for they see that we survived.

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From witchcraft, depression and partying to salvation and peace in Christ Jesus! Cora’s testimony — Spiritually Safe

As a young girl I experienced frequent terrible sleep paralysis which I since learnt can be a sign of demonic oppression. I would just know things via my “sixth sense” and often felt the presence of something unseen.  In my teens I bought a psychic bible, crystals, angel, fairy and tarot cards and white witchcraft books. […]

From witchcraft, depression and partying to salvation and peace in Christ Jesus! Cora’s testimony — Spiritually Safe

The time … husband wouldn’t touch me

Ellie the Crunch

Were you waiting for my dreaded Sunday post?

A bit late but it’s here.

So Sunday started decently as usual.

Older went to Sunday school, husband went for a bike ride on his own. We picked up older early to take him to a friend’s kiddo birthday.

Initially I was supposed to take older and husband was supposed to stay home with toddler. Toddler decided he wanted to come too so husband had to come too. He was not happy.

We got to the party, a bit late, and older refused to come in. Younger started crying that it was too loud.

My kids are clearly not party animals.

I was able to calm toddler down and we were able to go in. Older stayed out with husband trying to convince him to come in.

To my surprise it only took me 10 minutes to accept to come in.


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