40+ Different Kinds of Seizures

Epilepsy Talk

When I was first diagnosed with epilepsy, there were two kinds of epilepsy.Grand Mal and Petit Mal.(Can you guess how old I am?)

Now, things are much more different and difficult. No more cut and dried.

So, please, if you have any additions, subtractions or corrections, feel free to chime in.

Because I don’t pretend to be an expert. In fact, this has certainly been a learning experience, from start to finish.

Here, to the best of my knowledge, are the 40+ different types of epilepsy.

1. Absence Seizure (“Petit Mal”)

Absence seizures account for 2-4 percent of epilepsy. They are characterized by brief episodes of staring, usually lasting only 2-10 seconds and may happen repeatedly during the day. There is no warning before a seizure and the person is completely alert afterwards, with no memory of it. Because they are so mild, you might not even realize…

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When The Little Monster Left

I used to be really, really angry. Like ‘I-want-to-cause-the-entire-world-to-burn’ and actually meaning it angry. I used to have a silver-quick spark. I used to rage angry for long periods of time at the slightest provocation. I used to rush quickly to take offense. I definitely, looking back on it now, probably did not help myself in several of my minimum wage jobs I had had in high school. Frankly, I remained permanently angry, all the time in high school.

Oh, back then, I never thought I was permanently angry. It never occurred to me that my perpetual gnawing of anger in my belly, was not healthy or normal. If I ever thought of the anger that hanged around me like a red-tinged miasma, I focussed on shoving it back into the deepest, darkest corner of my gut. It never seemed abnormal to me. Wasn’t everyone perpetually angry?

And, because it…

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Just say, “Thank You!”

Sandwiched at 1509

You have done everything for me, my turn.

Just say “Thank you! I greatly appreciated that you did that”

This seems simple. It is something that I have said intentionally and meaning every word many times throughout my life. And many of those times to my mom. Now with her living in our home and the disease progressing it has become glaringly obvious – she needs to be needed.

A dear friend first pointed this out to me about a year ago while we were at lunch and I was venting some frustration. More recently, my husband said the same thing to me one evening.

In the mornings I am in the kitchen before my mom comes out. I start the coffee and proceeded to ‘clean up’ the kitchen from the adventures that take place after I have long gone to sleep. (Oh the beauty of having teenage boys!) Then…

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What is Group Psychotherapy?

Mental Health Matters


Group psychotherapy, or group therapy, is a form of psychotherapy in which one or more therapists treat a small group of clients together as a group. The term can legitimately refer to any form of psychotherapy when delivered in a group format, including Art therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy or interpersonal therapy, but it is usually applied to psychodynamic group therapy where the group context and group process is explicitly utilised as a mechanism of change by developing, exploring and examining interpersonal relationships within the group.

The broader concept of group therapy can be taken to include any helping process that takes place in a group, including support groups, skills training groups (such as anger management, mindfulness, relaxation training or social skills training), and psychoeducation groups. The differences between psychodynamic groups, activity groups, support groups, problem-solving and psychoeducational groups have been discussed by psychiatrist Charles Montgomery. Other, more specialised…

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65th-74th Days of 365 Thanks Giving

Self Care & Mental Health

For the next few posts, I’m going to list ten items per post {for the sake of time and number amount}.

💕Today I’m giving thanks for the following:

  1. Squirrels
  2. Ombré shades
  3. Aurora borealis
  4. Inside jokes
  5. Chocolate
  6. Brown eyes
  7. Daylight Savings Hour (Fall)
  8. Ice Fishermen
  9. Quietness
  10. Slippers

What about you? What are you thankful for today? What happened that felt good? What made you smile?

Until next time,

Stay Safe, Speak Life, and Spread Kindness

Nova Namastè

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What’s in a Name?

Praying for Eyebrowz

Finding the right name for a character can be almost as daunting as finding the right name for a new baby. Maybe more difficult. With both my children I had names picked out almost from the moment I learned I was expecting, and never had a change of heart the entire nine months of pregnancy. But I only had to come up with one first name and a middle name. The surname was a piece of cake. When writing a novel, one must come up with first and last names for multiple characters. That can be a challenge.

For Mayhem at the Happy Valley Motor Inn and Resort there were at least a dozen folks who needed names. My main character’s name, Paula Jean Arnett, came to me before I even began writing the book, but the others weren’t so easy, and most I changed multiple times before typing The…

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Spell Tree

Hey Momma


She tapped her finger against her lips
 casting a rune made of Rowan twigs.
 Charms that were carved into staves,
 drawn to express emotions and create. 

 Magical, whispering Rowan tree of power,
 causing happiness and magic to flower. 
 Protector from the witches evil eye,  
 or the dead lingering on when they die. 

 Red berry tonics, of flame and fire,
 what does your heart and soul desire?
 Psychic powers, for spells of healing, 
 You will find all negative forces receding.
 Victoria Healing ~ 21.1.2021.
Image: The Art of Brian Kesinger 


From January 21 – February 17.

Rowan Tree, (Luis) ~ Protection and inspiration. Also known as Witch Tree, or Wicken Tree.

Ogham Tree Meaning: Vision. Healing. Transformation. Connection.

This is a time to freely express yourself both emotionally and creatively. Remember that you are only responsible for your actions, not other peoples’ reactions…

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Support for The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Advocacy & Writing

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

As you know, everything outside of my writing is for the mental illness community and is mainly free to all. The Podcast is a free outlet for people within the community to share their stories and to listen, but it is not free to do a podcast. There is equipment that needs to be paid for and time. I am dependent on the mental health advocacy side for the podcast and blog to be “listener and reader supported.” As much as I hate to reach out, it always helps when the support comes from the community because it shows that the platforms that I have are essential, like The Bipolar Writer Podcast and The Bipolar Writer blog.

So how can you support The Bipolar Writer? Well, there are several ways.

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Let Me Think

Praying for Eyebrowz

Not to brag or anything (please note that this phrase is always followed by a definite brag), but I used to be really good at trivia. Some might even say I was formidable. Thanks to my obsession with reading, I often could correctly answer questions that stunned my competitors. I got a little cocky about my skills.

But it seems that all good things must come to an end—I’ve been humbled by a game on Facebook called Quiz Planet. Oh, I still get plenty of questions correct, but I’ve lost my mojo. I don’t crush. I don’t dominate. And that’s driving me nuts. Is it my age? Is my writing distracting me? Have I finally lost all of my marbles?

I’m pretty new to the game, though, and I sense that many of the questions are repeated fairly often. So, maybe there’s a chance for me to become great again…

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