It’s about Him, not You  

Don't Lose Hope

“You couldn’t have stopped this happening.” there was nothing you could do to prevent it.This had nothing to do with you. It wasn’t your fault, and you didn’t deserve it.”

If your partner struggles with a sex addiction, or he can’t seem to live without pornography, it’s important you don’t blame yourself for this. It is crucial that you grasp that it isn’t about you – about your body, or your looks, or how good you are in bed. For the research on addictions has repeatedly confirmed that people use addictions because they can’t get close … and have problems with emotions … and with being vulnerable.

Let me share something crucial, by Robert Weiss, a well-respected figure in the field of sex addiction[1]:

Addictions are an intimacy disorder… Addicts choose addictive substances and behaviours as a coping mechanism over people because, for them, unresolved childhood…

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