Blogmas Day 7

Here’s the list of questions🧤
  1. What’s your favorite Winter sport? – Soccer (they play that over here in UK)
  2. What’s your number one self care priority during colder weather? -Heat
  3. What do you place at the top of your tree? – Nothing (fibreoptic)
  4. Any Christmas Eve traditions? -Not now! (Daughter’s grown up!)
  5. What is your definition of Christmas spirit? – Joy, peace & Christ
  6. What is one thing you’ve always wished for? – Growing up I wished for many things, but I have to say I was always happy with what I got.
  7. What would you say in a Grown Up Christmas Letter to Santa? – To give food parcels to the poor & low income, also to provide those who sleep rough with a Christmas meal this Christmas.
  8. One object you’d think would be in every mom’s purse during the Winter?
  9. What 3 movies do you watch every Christmas? – Personally I don’t watch a lot of movies but might catch something on Netflix
  10. What’s you absolute favoritest part about this time of year? – Normally I would be out Carolling that usually sets the mood for Christmas for me. Because of Covid this year we can’t carol but Christmas tree & decorations are up so thats a start. Then of course there is Christmas day itself when Christ was born, we open our presents and meet with family for Christmas dinner.

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