There’s a little girl

Therapy Bits

I’ve heard that there’s a little girl

That’s supposed to live inside.

Maybe sometimes she is there,

But I think she usually hides.

When she was little, she was hurt,

She had good reason to hide.

She got in trouble when she laughed,

In trouble when she cried.

She liked to run, and jump, and play,

And swing upon the swings.

Climb trees, and swim, and ride her bike,

And do all kinds of things.

On the outside, she was normal

As any little girl could be.

On the inside, she was hurting,

Really wanting to be free.

The things that he had done to her

Were terrible and cruel,

And while he always felt so proud,

She felt just like a fool.

She had to live two different lives

Because of what he did.

On the inside, the life of an adult,

On the outside, the life of a…

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