Sparkling Snowflakes


We all need more light in the winter.

Anything that sparkles catches my eye. I am like a crow.

I want to decorate mama’s door at the facility with something different every month.

(Nothing says forgotten like a Christmas wreath the end of January.)

I ordered giant silver snowflakes instead of white to contrast with the white doors and white blinds in the windows.

I wanted each one to be unique and have variations. This meant adding more glitter from my glitter collection.

I painted different sections of the flakes with Mod Podge glue.

Then I sprinkled different glitter on those sections. Keep the flake contained in a box for this step.

I like the ones with three types of glitter best. They reflect and refract light differently to make the flake more interesting.

I have augmented some as they dried with more glitter.

The left over glitter in the…

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