Racism and Discrimination

Living with Disabilities

I will never understand what it is like to experience racism, but I do understand discrimination. Many that live with disabilities understand what it is like to experience discrimination. From searching for a job, getting life insurance, eating at a restaurant, and getting medical care, discrimination shows itself around every corner. Just as discrimination because of one’s disability is unjust, so is racism. The problem with both is no one wants to talk about them, and if we don’t, we as a country will never move forward and truly live in a just society.

Just like any form of discrimination, any type of racism makes me sick. Jesus Christ gave two commandments; to love God and to love others. He didn’t say to love others if they look like us or talk like us. He just said to love others. The only way our country will heal is if we…

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One thought on “Racism and Discrimination

  1. Shalom 😔 why do folk wear tags? Yes, we have permitted folk to tag themselves. Self-tagging starts with us. Once we acknowledge the little quirk of our bodies to be different, there lies the origin of the day when you earn your tag. Governments in many countries today do have Discrimination laws and racism laws concurrently. That’s the beginning; the next phase is to teach humanity that affects all of us. Working in the medical field in the placement of Special needs children was indeed in my country; we had new legislation tabled in the Upper House to vanish the term ” SPECIAL NEEDS ADOPTION 1980.” EVERY CHILD HAS THE LEGAL RIGHT TO A LOVING HOME, EDUCATION, AND MEDICAL TREATMENT WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION. EACH CHILD THAT IS TERMINAL HAS THE SAME RIGHTS AS ABOVE. ” Here comes the next part. In short, No infertile couple has the right to choose adoption. For the first time in History, the child has rights not the infertile couple. Blessed. No one is born perfect 💯 in my life I never found one but no child went without on my watch. One night I had a phone call from the Uniting Adoption Centre. We worked 24 /7. Please attend the Court. We have a child needing a name before he Dies. Under this law, I have been writing about. ” Every child has the Legal Right to die with a legal surname and date of Birth. “At midnight that night, I was standing before the Judge, adopting my son. A few tears. I gave birth by adoption that night. We all prayed my little boy would get through the night. 6 weeks later, I was allowed to see this fragile child baby aged four years—brain damaged, weighing only 3lb with tubs everywhere. This little bony skeleton lived. Amen. Today he has disabilities but no tag. He gained a degree in Environment with the Government. Anything is possible. 🤗


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