The Ten Commandments for Living your Best Life

Don't Lose Hope

The following will help you to live your best life …

1. Be yourself. Do you know who you are? Have you lost touch with parts of yourself? You were created to be someone who is individual and unique. Don’t let life or relationships change who you were meant to be.

2. Make time for those you love. We only have so much time, but often our use of that time is scattered. Too often, the urgent takes priority. Relationships matter more than anything else. Don’t forget the people who mean something to you.

3. Treat other people as you’d like them to treat you. It’s very tempting to treat like with like, and to get back at people who are unkind to you. But that isn’t really who we really want to be. You want to be a person of integrity.

4. If it hurts, let it go

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