How to Deal with Feelings of Dread

Don't Lose Hope

If you have experienced any kind of trauma, you will be familiar with feelings of dread. They can come out of nowhere, and catch you unawares.

So, what can you do when you experience this dread?

1. Face it full on. Call it for what it is. Acknowledge to yourself that you cannot run away, and the only way out is through.

2. Accept the reality of your situation. Dealing with dread involves more than sitting it out, and enduring the debilitating negative feelings. It requires us embracing our feelings, and accepting that this is something we now live with. It means recognizing that our brain and body have experienced something awful in the past. Hence, they are protecting us from being harmed again. It’s an indicator of selflove and selfcare.

3. Go with it. Relax into the tension, stay in the moment, and allow it to…

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