From Being a Prisoner of Epilepsy to Epilepsy Advocate!

Beginner's Guide to Epilepsy

So this post was something I had on my mind for a long time. But post the crash I had the courage to write it. I suppose we tend to grow when we face adversity.

This is a mix of my personal experiences and realisations throughout my journey with epilepsy. There is no specific order to the stages but they are mere transitions from one phase to the other. Hope you take this on a positive note and introspect your journey as well. I would mention that this should not be restricted to epilepsy but to other things as well. The transitions may be controversial and arise in some misunderstandings, which I can wholeheartedly discuss in comments or personally (Contact Page).

a) Prisoner of Epilepsy: Diagnosed with multiple grand mal seizures made me crawl up and sit in the corner of the wall or in bed for a long time…

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