The Mental Illness Balancing Act

Cara's Corner

I have diagnoses of both anorexia nervosa and bipolar disorder, though I would have considered myself in remission from both of these in recent months and years.

Recently, I had to stop my antipsychotic (lurasidone), which I have been stable on for four years, because it went non-formulary in my CCG and I was told I wasn’t able to be prescribed it anymore. It’s the only antipsychotic of five that I’ve tolerated well and it helped my mood immeasurably. I am prescribed an antipsychotic, along with a mood stabiliser, to help manage my bipolar disorder, which I was diagnosed with in 2015. Due to having already tried a few different antipsychotics and it being advised I take one with a lower weight gain profile, I was changed over to amisulpride, an antipsychotic that I had not yet tried.

The reason it’s advised I am not prescribed anything with a high…

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