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Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

Not the usual place, I know! I’m not the typical lady, though. For me, cemeteries hold this mysterious but comforting aura.

When I walk, I’ve found the silence {the absence of the living} quite relaxing. It surely beats the constant chatter.

I ponder on whether or not the individuals were happy. I imagine their homes and businesses. I imagine their role in society and within their families. I think about the babies lost; the agony the families must have felt. I hope they are at peace and receive visits.

The last time I walked, I gathered up as much trash as I could. They deserved a great resting place. In one area, I discovered tombstones.. nearly completely covered over with grass. That completely broke my heart. It was obvious they hadn’t had visitors in such a long time. Crazy to even say this; but, maybe they don’t have any family…

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