Are We Mad?

Hey Momma

Image: Carol Sawyer.

Are We Mad? Helicopters wop, wop overhead, Millions of bombs, drop bloodshed. Devoid in shelter, spray floats round, as dead carcasses, rot on the ground. The risk’s, far greater than the cure, but poison cartel sponsors endure. For each wild animal, native’s are lost, the environment pays irreparable cost. It makes me sad, it makes me sick, this apocalyptic, chemical killing blitz. As the crow flies high in the distance, ‘secondary poisoning’ is persistent. Family pets, ingest the lethal baits, this genocide, does not segregate. As the insects crawl from their holes, wait, which way are they going to go? Parroting the same dubious data; scheming, since 1996 and thereafter. The paymasters seemingly agreed, ‘confuse with science and degrees’ Under the blue, free fall of the sky, clouds of deadly toxin 1080 fly. In the polluting of nearby waterways, you bet, future generations will pay. Wild places…

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