Seizures and Steroids – A Hidden Solution 

Epilepsy Talk

I always thought that steroids were the kind used by athletes and bodybuilders to pump up their performance. Yes, they do exist and, yes they are quite dangerous, but those aren’t the kind of steroids this article is about.

In fact, anyone who has epilepsy should NOT take anabolic steroids because they may change the level of anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) in the blood and may make seizures more likely.

The steroids I’m talking about are naturally occurring hormones. Common oral prednisolone or less common/higher risk ACTH — which have a place in the management of severe epilepsies.

Steroid therapy for epilepsy management is considered unconventional and certainly not a decision to be made lightly because of the serious risks and undesirable but common side-effects.

A person can undergo steroid therapy for only a limited period of time; he/she cannot remain on steroids forever.

Unless the epilepsy remits within the course…

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