Haynes Family: School Week 1 Done

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

Starting back to school always has it’s yays and ughs!!

Here’s a few amazing moments from week 1 done:

  • Calandra adapted to a new class/grade just fine.
  • She’s extremely routine; which, pushes me to do what needs done sooner than I want to.
  • She loves school!! Her big deal was having 2 teachers and learning rhyming words.
  • Zivah is doing great, adapting as well.
  • She loves Science and Social Studies.
  • All her paperwork got turned in 🙂 too!
  • Mommy went and walked 2 days this week!
  • I took time to relax in my thoughts/feelings/ by the lake.
  • I realized I’m down one shirt size!!

I’m thankful for a wonderful first week! It was utterly exhausting but equally rewarding! I hope you all have had just as a blessed week.

Remember I appreciate you so much! Take time to create a lasting legacy.

With Love & Light


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