Hey Momma

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The Great Perfection DZOGCHEN She was born of a Buddha mind, her reputation, rare, sincere and kind. Divine, seal like, all knowing eyes, deep brown and luminous, Oh my! Meeting all situations with ease, her personality, eager to please. Loyal friend of Llamas in Tibet, many sought, her love and respect. ‘Little Lion’, a companion, so true, guarding and watching everything you do. Tiny legs, turning wheels of prayer, following Llamist monks everywhere. Soft, sandy, white gossamer coat, If you’re lucky, on you she’ll dote. Only 10 inches tall to her shoulder, my greatest fear, she’s getting older. Our precious Zoonie, unique Tibalier, I’m so grateful, you’re with me here. With your Lions mane and plumed tail. mostly Tibetan Spaniel traits prevail. Our faithful child of Dzogchen perfection, venerable as a worshipper in affection. In our mirror of reflections and memories, You are one of the greatest blessings…

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