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Epilepsy Talk

Your head is throbbing, pulsing, pounding, light is blinding, you want to puke, you can’t think straight. Sound familiar?

Welcome to the miserable world of migraines.

Let’s face it, having migraines is a wretched experience.

Add severe pain, distorted visual images, sensitivity to light, sound, or odors, and maybe even the feeling of numbness in parts of your body. The list is endless.

You may be “lucky” and have migraines once a year. Or like many others, you may suffer one every day for several weeks at a time.

In fact, migraines and epilepsy are sort of kissing cousins. Like seizures, migraines can be triggered by stress, fatigue, flashing lights, loss of sleep, menstruation, and alcohol.

Red wine, caffeine withdrawal, stress, and skipped meals are also among the common culprits. But like epilepsy, avoiding these triggers are easier said than done.

In general, migraines do not cause seizures. Migraines and…

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