Seizure-free…a hope or a promise?

Epilepsy Talk

Is it a reality…a hope…or a promise?

Have you been there once for a visit? And then come back, to the land of falling down, shaking, quaking and blackouts.

We all know, the only thing that remains the same is change.

Everything is in a state of flux. Drugs, science, our bodies, our brains.

From that you can choose hopelessness. Or hope.

Maybe you’ve found the right drug cocktail, diet, VNS, and/or surgery.

Or are you still looking?

Do you see “possibility” turning into “probability?”

Wherever you are, it takes a load of courage. And perseverance. And optimism.

Waking every morning to the big “S” question. And then taking charge of your day. Or not.

I know someone who went through hell and back.

Fifty-three years of seizures.

Every drug that came down the way. Combos changed, doses played with.

He refused a VNS because the company was harassing and…

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