How To Push Your Shoulders Back and Say Bring It On!

Everyone, rich or poor has setbacks in life. What makes the difference is what you do next. If you tend to have a pity party and like to stay there, this post isn’t for you. I’m writing to people who want to help change the situation. The post is about communication, personality types, and soul searching. 


We are born to survive, it’s the negative talk in our brain that holds us down.

This post may be especially helpful for people who are anxious or new in their careers. I have spent my life facing huge obstacles such as child abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, and my father’s suicide. 

It can be easy to catastrophize your obstacles if you don’t see them for what they are, an individual obstacles. If you deal with Anxiety, this acknowledgment is paramount. The way to deal with multiple obstacles is to take the Top 3, most…

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