Stuff Happens – Then What?

Don't Lose Hope

“It hurts because it mattered.” – Unknown

In her recent book, the author Susan Cain talks about the bitter sweet realities of life.

In every life there are wonderful things: fantastic holidays; landing that great job; walking on the beach; precious memories with friends.

But alongside this there is heartache and grief. Awful, painful memories that never go away. Maybe you were bullied, or even were abused; or perhaps you were abandoned by your partner or your spouse.

But what do we do with all these different memories, and especially our memories that trigger pain and grief? I’d like to share what Susan Cain says about this[1]:

1. These losses shape your psyche; they lay down patterns for all your interactions. If you don’t understand them and actively work to form new emotional habits, you’ll act them out again and again. They’ll wreak havoc on your relationships, and…

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