May Days

Hey Momma

Image: Brooke Hampton Sovereign Rising



In Numerology the month of May represents

‘Five’ ~ Freedom and new adventures

… and you will have all the help that you need from the universe.


“That risk you’re afraid to take, could be the one that changes your entire life” ~ Kylie Francis



Expect the unexpected. May brings the opportunity for adventures, risk taking, excitement, stimulation and curious exploration ~ these are the trademarks of the number ‘Five’ ~ If you have free rein you can accomplish wonders, but if you feel limited, you lose your enthusiasm and accomplish little.



It’s the free spirit, rebellious, magnetic, impulsive and pleasure loving. However, too many changes, too many interests, or too much freedom, can cause chaos. Apply your talents to anything substantial. It is the constructive use of freedom, learning to do things in moderation…

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