The Unrequited Love.

Beginner's Guide to Epilepsy

He fell for her the moment, he saw her.
She wore an Indian Kurta Pyjama. She said she came from far away.

Before he saw her, he had given up on loving someone again.
A sin many committed before and he was in the line.
He decided that morning that, he will never love again anyone.

But then the Cupid asked from the stage to the crowd before.
Come here, anyone! On the stage and read this poem on Love.

Everyone was shy, filled with fear and stage fright.
A Love poem thrilled the crowd but no one came.

A hand was raised from the middle,
That’s when everyone turned around and looked at the guy.
His heart was just broken, shattered into pieces. Yet he raised his hands.
He didn’t even realise that his left hand was up.
That’s when she saw him back and looked at him.


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