The Epileptic Gangster.

Beginner's Guide to Epilepsy

It was 12 years since Lil Nash Thompson had lost his mother in a riot between two communities in his hometown. After that event, his family had left the town and was setting up the new franchise to establish themselves in a different town.

Nash had turned 18 but didn’t get a driver’s license because his doctors had ruled out that he had seizure disorder which made him disqualified from getting one. But on a friend’s suggestion, he started taking public transportation.

Soon, he was confident enough to ride a cycle to his college and later university. Neo and Smith were always on the lookout and they were very good at it. They both were assigned to protect him while he was alone.

Although Mr. Thompson offered him a personal chauffeur and bodyguard. Nash refused and didn’t want to rely on anyone for basic help and support. He wanted to…

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