Transformation Tuesday {MY TIME}

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

What does this mean? Absolutely anything of your interpretation.

In these ways, you can shed the old and shine through, as a new you.

  1. Productivity Mindset– You’re enough by simply being. You don’t always have to be moving and doing.
  2. Weight Loss Challenge – Small changes produce big results.
  3. Education Level– Being a student is the best opportunity for growth.
  4. Habit Change – It’s not fun. It’s not easy..It’s necessary.. It will be worth it.
  5. Victim Mindset – Taking back your power is your choice. Begin reminding yourself that “you can”!
  6. Hoarding – Things, in large quantity, can be a symbol for an underlying issue. Forcing yourself to sort through it helps you heal.
  7. Obsession– Too much of anything is never a good thing. We’ve all heard that before. This couples with hoarding. There’s something psychological going on that needs addressed.
  8. Journaling – Brain dump! Whether in…

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