Hey Momma

Image: lla Kostromicheva Alexander McQueen‘s ‘Plato’s Atlantis

Today is urgent

Water ripples 

it used to be, 
I liked swimming under the sea.
Noting the whistling of Mom’s calls, 
now, I can’t hear her clicking at all. 

She had a boinging sort of sound, 
her serenading trills, pulsed around. 
I’d known when it was time to eat, 
or to head home and go to sleep. 

Its awfully noisy down here now,
under the boats and the crowds.
The seismic explorers are scoffing,
to find oil, they’re sending shots in.
Some humans, are more thoughtful,
Stop! they say ‘Oil drilling is awful’. 
And the depth sounders moved in,
with a cacophony of tectonic din. 

Alarm bells are ringing under seas,
sirens boom ‘Can you help us please?’
‘Here I am, quivering on a lonely shore, 
I can’t hear my Mom’s songs anymore’… 
Victoria Healing ~ 12.4.2022

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