Why Haven’t I Got A Poltergeist Yet?

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OK so, Wikipedia, that font of trusted knowledge (I jest of course) explains the Poltergeist as follows “In ghostlore, a Poltergeist, German for ‘rumbling ghost’ or ‘noisy spirit’ is a type of ghost or spirit that is responsible for physical disturbances, such as loud noises and objects being moved or destroyed.”

Well thank you Wiki for those nuggets of wisdom.

I knew that already but after scanning the Wiki entry it became clear that one of the most popular tropes among paranormal experts and amateurs alike is that poltergeists are sometimes created by pubescent girls. Take for instance the Enfield poltergeist case from many moons ago. Their Poltergeist was assumed to be assisted somewhat by the presence of two teenage girls, with Janet, the eldest, assumed to be the main source of energy for the troublesome spook.

Enfield isn’t an isolated case. Hormones play an active part in many…

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