Starting over

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So every Wednesday I go to the pub with a couple of friends. Because of anxiety and other mental interference I go early. Not just half hour early, oh no. My friend’s get there around 8pm. I get here just after 5pm.
As you can probably imagine I am necking vodka to try and silence the twitches and terror I feel about being out of the house. So, rather than sitting hating on most people while scrolling through endless social media; I thought, this is the perfect time to blog. Also the vodka softens me enough to be brutally honest, rather than bottling the emotions. As this is the first time I’ve done it, whether it is a great or shitty idea remains to be seen.
Anyone who was reading my blog in the past will know me as Lilblondezombie. You will notice that has changed to Abominable Bell. I…

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