What’ll i wear?

at least i have a brain

The height of fashion.

What DO i wear?

I wear a ventilator- every night- since 2016. I have my central hypo ventilation syndrome secondary to my chiari malformation!

I get to wear a mask that all night long j have to allow to breathe and breathe out for me. I got to trust it. Compliance isn’t an option.

It’s not sleep apnoea. It’s not a Cpap.

It is a BIPAP- a non invasive ventilator.

It is brutal.

I also have to factor in my bell’s palsy. And the facial seals.

I get to wale up due to pain. Every single night. And readjust the straps.

My choice of mist have masks is which one doesn’t break the skin on my nose for a while.

So what i wear?

What will i wear?

I wear myself Out!

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