Choosing a university when you have a disability

Natalie Williams - The Blog With (More Than) One Post

It’s been a while! When I last blogged I was working in a school as a Learning Support Assistant, with the aim of progressing to a career in educational psychology. I’m now working full time as a Data Coordinator Apprentice for the NHS. A slight change, I know! Over time I’ve realised that although I love the academic side to studying Psychology and education, it’s not the career for me. I’m really enjoying my current role though and it’s so much better suited for me.

I also very recently had my graduation for my Master’s degree. It was delayed due to the pandemic but I finally graduated last week, two and a half years after finishing my Master’s! I studied at UCL for my Master’s and Anglia Ruskin for my undergraduate degree, which leads me to the topic of this post – choosing a university when you have a disability…

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