Which, Witch are You?

Hey Momma

Image: Elle Magazine. US

First of all

“Witches come in all sizes, ages, colours, and personalities. They’re doctors, computer programmers, teachers, landscapers, bartenders, and flight attendants. The person who cuts your hair or repairs your car might be a witch. Witches can be male or female—” ~Skye Alexander


Secrets from the cauldron

You don’t decide to be a witch, you just answer the call 

The Calling If you were a witch, which witch would you be? a Kitchen, Craft, Green, Sea, Storm or Solitary? Do you love the cosmos or chat to the moon? Can you conjure up lyrics and hum musical tunes? Do you like to swim, cook, or plant seeds? Can you spell wishing rhymes, or talk to trees? Do you save herbs, crystals and flowers? Read tarot cards to invoke seer powers? Witchery is in the ordinary deeds that you do, where you find a passion…

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