How Secrets and Lies Affect a Partner

Don't Lose Hope

When trust has been shattered and you’re in a state of shock, you might not recognize the person you’ve become. The emotions are intense, and they’re unpredictable.

But you’re not a crazy person, and you haven’t lost your mind. These reactions are all normal when a trauma has occurred. In fact, you’ll likely experience many of the following:

  • Being on a roller coaster of emotions (which is both frightening and wearing)
  • Experiencing intense and negative feelings which suddenly bubble up, and spill over
  • Scary, extreme and irrational thought patterns
  • Unexpected, frightening – sometimes shocking – reactions
  • The desire to make your partner pay for what they’ve done, and for all the pain they have caused
  • Wanting absolutely nothing to do with your partner
  • Suddenly wanting to have sex with your partner
  • Being terrified of losing your partner
  • Being afraid of facing a future without your partner
  • Intense and irrational feelings…

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