The Talk

Know Your Worth; Own Your Life

Some days need a dose of positive self talk after all it’s chaos. My week had been exceptionally long. My kids were extra ornery. I haven’t been able to nap as regularly.

My Calandra’s dad, thankfully, agreed to keep both kids with him until Sunday afternoon. Here I am, super exhausted and ready to head home..

And.. automatic start the car.. Kept my passanger side door opened. Long story short.. I forgot to unlock the whole car before closing the opened door. EVERY EXTRA KEY, MY I’VE CREAM, AND PHONE WERE IN A RUNNING VEHICLE.

Ironically, shortly before the girls and I went to dad’s house, we ran into a Boutique. It’s more a hippie/indie type aura place. While there, I was drawn to the crystals. I had no idea which I wanted; but, it found me.

It’s an opalite

I posted a hyperlink in the caption above. It symbolizes…

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