The time … psycho husband was back

Ellie the Crunch

Husband has been behaving for a while, if you noticed my last post about his crazy behavior is from maybe last year.

Well, the crazy behavior is back as per this morning. Monday. Strange enough, not a Sunday.

Last night he was up all night coughing.

This morning his cellphone alarm went off at 6 am while he was showering, waking me up. I got up to turn it off.

He left early to go pray, talk about hypocrite, when he came back he was still in a decent mood.

During breakfast I asked him if he had heard back from the place we wanted to rent for toddler’s birthday. I asked him also last week. He started an friendly argument about how I don’t trust his word and that he already told me he contacted them.

I went to take toddler to school and he was still in a…

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