The time… husband threw up

Ellie the Crunch

Saturdays husband goes to synagogue and he takes toddler with him.

Usually he comes back for lunch by 1 pm top.

Older and I waited till 2.30 pm to eat. He walks in and I hear him bumping into the coat rack making something fall. Older tells me something feel on the floor.

In the meantime toddler was left outside with his scooter and older went outside to help him come home.

Husband waddles to the bathroom and when done dries his hands and throws the towel in the sink.

Older comes to me confused and a little worried “is dad ok? He just threw the towel in the sink”

There was definitely something off.

Then he manages somehow to go upstairs where he bumps into the light and turns it on. He reaches the bed and falls on it.

I go near him and I can smell a distinctive…

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