What were your most formative moments?

Epilepsy Talk

For me, it was three different stages, ages and issues…

1. Growing into my own skin…

Being a pre-teen or a teenager is, to say the least, no picnic. Add the layer of epilepsy on top of it and you’ve got a disaster waiting to happen.

But once I started to mature and grow more comfortable in my own skin, I could accept who I was, that epilepsy was part of that, and eventually become an advocate myself.

2. Going from “ugly duckling” to “swan”…

Every day of my life, my beautiful mother told me (or reminded me) how fat and ugly I was.

Well, yes. I was quite the chubbetteat ten. But, by fourteen years old, I was 5 feet, 10 inches and 125 pounds with long, long hair (which I lost, thanks to Dilantin).

I think you get the picture. Unfortunately, I didn’t, for decades.

3. The biggest…

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