Real Hope

Seizure Mama and Rose

When one is truly desperate there is a tendency to grab for any limb within reach. This is understandable, but pause and breathe first. examine the limb before latching on.

False hope can have long-lasting, negative effects on everyone involved. False hope is a fast fix. One gets a surge of hope followed by remorse and shame…or worse. You need a real fix that lasts.

Real hope requires reasoning and planning. I am one who spends way too much time in the frying pan before jumping. It’s the scientist in me. That is not a bad thing. Bouncing from drug to drug or doctor to doctor solves nothing.

Your approach must be systematic. Fully test a treatment (or doctor)before scrapping it completely. The other side of that is…know when to say when.

My advice at these moments is ” Pause and Breathe.” That sounds simplistic, but in that small, quiet…

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