You’re not going crazy, and you’re not alone

Don't Lose Hope

I keep so much pain inside myself. I grasp my anger and loneliness and hold it in my chest. It has changed me into something I never meant to be. It has transformed me into a person I do not recognize.”

Almost everyone who’s experienced trauma will resonate with these painful words. We experience depths of pain we never knew were possible. And we react in ways that shake and shock us to our core.

If you feel this way, you are not alone. It doesn’t mean you’re crazy. And you’re not the only one.

These are normal reactions to traumatic life events. When your world is ripped apart, and nothing’s certain anymore.

What other kinds of things might you be grappling with?

– Re-experiencing the pain at unexpected times. Suddenly being hit by uncontrollable emotions.

– Being highly reactive, and over-reacting to minor offences or neutral events.

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