Seeing Eye to Eye

Hey Momma

Image: Fine Art of America

Her mind is in a muddle, her heart is in a mess,

her beautiful inner child, is angry, I guess.

To be proud, mighty and strong,

or to be timid, meek and wronged?

What are these feelings, as if we don’t belong?

I’ve neglected and insulted her, locked her in a box

and now I must release her,

to tell her, my self, that all is not lost.

and she whispers in reply,

you must reflect, eye to eye.

Trust no-one that you meet,

who is not an equal mirror of me.

Victoria Healing ~ 3.9.2021

Seeing Eye to Eye 

Image: Little Girl Speak

Isaiah 49 2:

“You are the daughters of a valiant, virtuous Warrior whose eternal, creative Word in your Mouth is a living invincible Sword in your hand”


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