The time … it doesn’t get any easier with the second

Ellie the Crunch

I was told with the second first day of school gets easier.

Sorry to disappoint you but not for me.

I had done a lot of prep, we spoke about drop off, we spoke about mommy coming back.

Today was the day.

We left early and I dropped off older first who is a pro at this already. No crying for my 8 years old. Thank Gd.

Toddler time, had to drive 10 min to get to his camp. He was excited and kept on asking if we were there yet.

I parked, went in.

Counselors were very sweet and kept on telling me how handsome he is.

As soon as he realized I was going to leave he started bawling. I couldn’t take it. They pushed me to leave but I couldn’t. I stayed and comforted him.

The older counselor kept on telling me she has been doing this…

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