The time … husband came home p*ssed

Ellie the Crunch

So, husband comes home late most days.

Today was not an exception.

He got home at 9 pm.

I had bathed toddler and was feeding him some salad and older was procrastinating as usual while I was telling him/ asking him/ begging him/ threatening to shower.

Nothing works with this kid. I gave up. He was staring out of the window waiting for dad. I kept on telling him dad will get mad at him if he comes home and he is not showered and in his pjs yet. He didn’t care, he never cares so I stopped caring too. I stopped telling him what to do.

After putting toddler to bed I went to the kitchen to drink some water. When I drink water I need to sit and relax, I sip slowly, I do it because it’s healthy not because I am thirsty.

Anyway I was finally sitting…

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