Challenging Self-Judgment

Don't Lose Hope

I came across an interesting statement recently:

If someone makes a remark about you and it’s something you also judge in yourself, it will most likely hurt. However, if they make the same remark and you don’t have that judgment about yourself, it probably won’t bother you at all.” – Tiny Buddha

To me, this statement makes a lot of sense. Here’s how I unpacked it in a session with a client (Gill). You may also want to work through this process yourself, on an issue that is pertinent to you.

Note: My questions and counselling interventions are highlighted below in bold font.

1.Think about the kinds of remarks you find particularly upsetting. (For example, it might be related to the kind of partner, spouse, parent, daughter, son or employee you think others view you as being).

2. Next, try to summarize – in a sentence of…

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