The Secret Door

Hey Momma

Cosplay – Steampunk Tinkerbell ~ Howie Muzika 2014

THE SECRET DOOR She saw a glimpse of paradise in a butterfly, brightly coloured flowers and dragonflies. Where flocks of birds chirrup and sing, extra sensual pleasures, to her, they bring. I don’t know, who didn’t tell you this, another legend, that history has missed. Although, they say it is utterly true, that there is a secret portal to go through. An enchanted garden, across Welsh lakes, where our fair folk dwell, for goodness sake. Envision your wildest, of fantasy dreams, of a world, that is as magickal as it seems. Using your prayers with good intentions, whisper favours on the pure will of heaven. Enter that passage across a sacred lake, meet with pixies on island, for goodness sakes. Known as the Welsh kingdom of the Tylwyth Teg, the Fair Folk. There. Now. it has been said. A little bit of fantasy…

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