Lies My Eating Disorder Told Me

Anorexia is a deadly illness, and it’s very difficult to explain to onlookers why those who have it are so often drawn back to it, despite how miserable it makes us.

A big part of its pull is the lies it tells us along the way – and it’s a very good liar. There’s always a ‘but’ when you’re trying to tell it why you don’t want to relapse.

One thing that anorexia has always told me is that people will value me more if I’m thin. I’ll be more interesting, more attractive, more likeable, more respected. People will be proud of me, admire me, even be jealous of me. What an amazing achievement being able to starve myself to death is – my greatest achievement to date.

But this is just one of many of anorexia’s lies.

Did people really think I was interesting when all I could talk…

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