The time … Sunday “almost” went unpiss*d

Ellie the Crunch

Today was a hot Sunday in New York.

Hot Sundays for husband mean beach, and beach makes him happy (for the most part).

Problem was that toddler has a bad cold.

I am treating it holistically as I always do, no fever but he is very lethargic (his body is fighting this virus he caught) has a cough and lots clear mucusy sneezing, meaning every time he sneezes I have to be ready with a tissue.

He slept till 10 am this morning which is totally out of character for him.

Last night he woke up multiple times saying he was warm, not sure why he was wearing socks. I removed his socks. He was still warm, no fever though.

He decided that sleeping on the wooden floor was fresher so he did and I let him, I was right next to him.

I am letting his body fight this…

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