The time … I worked for a famous, high end sports cars showroom

Ellie the Crunch

I don’t think I told you about this.

I liked that job. It was only part time but it was a nice job.

I was a product specialist for a high end brand of sports car in their showroom in the city.

I have to say I met some interesting people there.

The ones who showed up in flip flops and wearing rags were usually the wealthiest ones. We were not really selling so I didn’t have to push anything, they used to come to admire the cars and ask questions.

In this showroom I had 2 fans, one older man who kept on trying to get me to go out with him and a model.

This model was literally stunning.

I had never seen a guy better looking than him in my life (at least in person).

At the time I was seeing my current husband.

I remember telling…

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