Spell Craft

Hey Momma

‘Wait, what, uh, are you telling me you can spell the time?’ 

SPELL CRAFT She’d guaranteed me… There was magic to be found, in this ancient art, and that the destiny of soul’s, were ‘written’ in stars. How you're all blessed with different names, as in, our dates of birth, are never the same. That, it isn’t luck, good fortune or divine fate, It’s something, you should ‘count on’ to contemplate. To notice the repeating of numbers and patterns; timing the synchronicity, of symbolic happenings. ‘Words’ that can unlock doors with sacred keys, your own secret, time machine, if you pleased. Through the chaos, you could never have dreamed, that each ‘letter’ of a ‘word’ gifts, a simple theme. There is the potential of a ‘number’ in rule below, a hidden code, that ‘figures’ the best path to go. The science of ‘Spelling’ is Pythagoras’ craft, where divine truth is…

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